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Available Retirees

Brownie bear is now officially retired and looking for his forever home. He was born in May and will be 3 this year. He is a low energy boy with a love for napping but still has a playful streak when the mood hits. 

He has a stocky body with an incredible head and has received a Double Grand Champion title. 

He has gotten along well with some females but has had trouble accepting some male cats which may improve with time as him hormones continue to work out. 

Brownie has however been prone to urinary crystals which have resulted in two trips to the vet and he now requires a special diet to help prevent these from forming. 

He has however been insured with Trupanion pet insurance since he was a kitten which has covered his veterinary costs, it is important to me that he goes to a home which is either familiar with crystals or wants to be so that they can see the signs if they were to ever have them form again and his policy can also transfer to his new owners should you choose to do so. Please feel free to call or text for further information 💜 

His adoption fee is $1000

Call or text


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