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How much are your kittens and Other FAQ's

Updated: Jun 15

  • How much are Watson Hill's Kittens? Our kittens range from $2,000-$4500 depending on pet or show/breeder quality.

  • What vaccines are given to a Watson Hill kitten? Our kittens have at least two (FVRCP) vaccinations. This protects against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia before leaving.

  • Do you microchip your kittens? Yes! All kittens are microchipped before leaving.

  • Do you have a waitlist? Sort of! First kittens are evaluated to see if they may be a good fit for the future of our breeding program. After I have had enough time to evaluate them, I like to offer our kittens first to previous petbuyers. After this, I send out emails to announce available kittens!

  • Can we be first contacted before you send out an email? While this somehow sounds like a fancy way of starting an unofficial waitlist, I don't typically contact a specific potential petbuyer first unless I know you have repeated serious interest and have missed out in which case I appreciate this and might skip to that name while filtering through submissions or if by chance I have something you were specifically looking for. I do get a high quantity of inquiries and since sometimes many months can pass before kittens arrive again sometimes I do forget. Please feel free to just check in to let me know you are still interested.

  • What happens if we find the perfect baby for us on your available kitten page? Call 256-493-1595, Text, or email me at and we will get the process started! I like to get to know the potential families enough to know they are ready for a kitten. Its important to know ahead of time if your home is suitable (ex: apartments with pet deposits, rented homes with pet restrictions, or family members that do not want cats etc.) I like to get a feel for their new families and how ready they are for a kitten. Can you handle a counter top cat? Do you have older pets that may not tolerate overactive kittens?

  • What kind of personality will my kitten have? Our kittens' personalities are all very unique. I have some that love to be held and carried everywhere and others that would be happy to go their whole lives without being picked up ever again lol. I have found while I wish I could instill the perfect temperaments in all my babies they are truly like children and while some are born to steal the spotlight some are more apt to enjoy watching the show instead of being the star. Some are born practically running around fearless ready to explore the world and others are much more cautious and shy and take more patience and time reassuring them they are safe. Some are lazy cute things and others are wildly wonderful 24/7 balls of energy. One thing I've found with all of my kittens is whether they are lap cats or more beside you cats they all enjoy companionship and love to follow their families from room to room throughout the day. They're very intelligent and are always surprising me with all the things they learn and can do!

  • Are you registered? Yes we are dual registered with both TICA and CFA and our kittens are all registered.

  • Where are your Maine Coons from? Parts of Europe, Russia, and America.

  • How do we get on your Email Notification List? Submit an inquiry at the bottom of the home page and it will automatically add you to our notification list.

  • Do you offer a Health Guarantee? Yes! The last thing I want is to ever sell an unhealthy kitten. If something unexpected or unforeseen such as cancer or something genetic that was not seen as a kitten were to express itself within the first few years of life please call me! My goal is for kittens to be blessings and not burdens and it is also very important to me to know of health issues going forward should their be undiscovered genetics issues in current breeding cats blood lines. The specifics are included in our contract.

  • Can we come over just to meet your cats or just pick a kitten out? The short answer is yes Sometimes!! However there are times when I do not allow visitors depending on what is going on in our lives at that time. If you are looking to visit a cattery first before purchasing Janet Watson has MegaPawz Cattery in Odenville, Alabama and welcomes home visits by appointment and is wonderful also , Her website is .

  • Do you deliver? Yes! While I try to keep my personal deliveries to less that 6 Hours from our home here in Lincoln , Alabama, I do know of a few pet nannies that also deliver that have been recommended to me as well.

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19 ago 2023

i am interested in getting a silver or black smoke male kitten. My email is do you have any litters coming up with that potential? thank you, Kay Johnson

Me gusta

18 feb 2023

Do you have any kittens available now.

Me gusta
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