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Available Kittens!!! Updated 3/1/24

Updated: Mar 18

Proudly present there 3 Ahhh-Mazing baby boys!!

Ryan: sold 🥰


This boy is amazing, he has the most precious personality he adores being in laps and often meows for attention. He loves to snuggle and often follows me through the house as I do the daily chores. He enjoys playing and is affectionate to even the dog. He will meow for attention if he doesn't get it when he'd like.  He sometimes looks at me so sweetly with his eyes and you can see how much he loves people with his gaze. He's a broken heart healer ❤️ . He is however much more Shy to new people than his  confident brothers and often lets them meet the new visitors first before he will come out.

Chibi : happy in his new home


Omg this boy... at his 11 week check up he was already 5lbs... he started out As the smallest and after 6 weeks left his brothers in the dust. He loves LOVES to play. He is outgoing and hardly ever meets a stranger. His dream is to play all day. After he finishes playing he wants to be held and snuggled and loves to lay on our laps or anywhere else he pleases 😆. He's so much fun and seems up for anything. He has a very wild look that I adore and most people say "wow!" when they see him. He has a unique and strong look to his face and a very stocky build. I can't wait to see what he looks like in a year. He does like to play bite which we have been working on avoiding hands and using toys. He is so very smart however might be too high energy for toddler age children.

Preston: happy in his new home

Preston is the best of both worlds, he loves to Snuggle and also play. He's a wonderfully confident boy and always observant. He's so well balanced in both looks and personality.  He is the complete package. His eyes melt my heart when he looks at me. He is such a happy kitten and it is a joy to have him Around.  🥰

Please call or text 256-493-1595 if you'd like additional info ❤️

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