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Available Kittens Here!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Ferrari & Catalina Babies: Ferrari and Catalina have 3 beautiful babies 2 Red Classic Tabby Females, lovingly called Cupcake and cutie Pie and 1 Brown Classic Tabby Male, Brownie that will be staying here to become our future stud.


Cupcake is a truly gorgeous Red Classic Tabby. She has her dads big muzzle, her moms wild gaze, amazing lynx trips and a muscular long build. She loves to play and always be near her people, but does not currently enjoy snuggling in Laps or being held for very long. She is an independent kind of girl but loves chin rubs which buys a few extra seconds in your arms before she is rabbit kicking her way back to the floor to chase her siblings down the hallway. Her coat is a gorgeous rich red color and has more of a sleekness to it rather than puff and fluff currently. She is looking for the perfect family To play with her often and love her just the way she is.

UPDATE: Reserved for Jessica C

Cutie Pie has her own precious personality. She enjoys being around and in the room with her people, loves chasing all the toys and sometimes carries them in her mouth. She has the sweetest face that makes you want to snuggle her while also having a fierce look like her mother Catalina, however is not one to be overly affectionate. She’s also not what I would call a lap cat, however just yesterday came to sit in my lap. She’s always watching and seems to be looking for her one special person to love her just the way she is!

UPDATE: Reserved for Rebecca❤💕

This is Brownie Bear! Brownie bear is a brown Classic tabby who captured our hearts and will be staying here at Watson Hill Cattery to become part of our breeding program & hopefully make many more precious babies like him for the future! Not Available

Below is Porscha and Ferraris Litter ❤️

This is Bailey, she is the kindest loving girl. She loves and adores people. She’s brave and playful and has an appetite just like her mother 😂 and maybe her breeder 😁 she’s amazing.

Reserved for S. F.

This is Max! He is a gorgeous black silver Classic tabby. He has it all looks and personality. He chases after all of my children for love and attention. He is Always ready for fun and playtime!

Reserved for Barbara ❤️

This Butterball turkey is a red boy with the most gorgeous face ever. I adore his eyes and muzzle and have had the hardest time deciding if we should keep him for our breeding program or let him go! He knows how to snuggle and has the most full coat of all the current kittens.

Reserved for Helen 💕❤️💕

This amazing girl has such a unique look to her. We all fell in love at first sight with her. Porscha and Ferrari only had a 25% chance at solids and when I saw her beautiful smoky coat we knew she had to stay. She loves to be held like a baby and goes limp like a ragdoll which is an attribute I love in my cats. She has a werewolf look to her my 8 year old adores and fits a niche that has been missing here at Watson Hill. 💕

Not Available

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