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a few past Kittens here

Updated: Mar 8

These babies have been the most wonderful litter and I have been enjoying them so much it has taken me a long time to finally let them go! They are my last litter from their mother Porscha who has now been retired and is also available.

All kittens have had 3 rounds of vaccinations and are ready for their homes today.

The babies arrived beginning on Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day! What precious blessings they have been and I pray they will be blessings to their new families!

Proud parents: Gentlelynx Pamela (Porscha) and DGC WatsonHill BrownieBear

Firstborn: Santa of course!


Santa is a absolutely stunning red smoke boy with a fun and gentle disposition. He almost always begins purring when he's pet and enjoys people while also very independent. He's great with kids and enjoys playing with our dogs tail. He likes to be held and is always cheerful. His face sometimes reminds me of a lion.


Sold SQ

Sugarplum is a truly beautiful girl. She is an independent girl who knows what she likes. She is slow to trust but once she does she loves wholeheartedly. She is the definition of torti-tude. She enjoys her belly rubs when at rest and playing with her toys. She often comes to lay beside me. She has a very curious spirit and seems to always be watching and taking in everything. She has a fierce look She got from her mother and grandmother and enjoys bossing her siblings and me around with it 😆. If you love a rbf and being looked at discerningly she's the one for you. 😆






This boy is AH-Mazing! He has a black silver classic tabby pattern I am mesmerized by! He thinks he should always be in my lap and I think he has a homing beacon on me and always knows when I sit down. He is one of the biggest in the litter and is sure to bring all those that know him a lot of joy.


Sold ❤️

This incredible Tortie baby has the perfect personality. She is brave and confident. She never meets a stranger and loves attention. When you shake a toy you had better be ready because she is coming for it like a military trained combat warrior. She has a toy drive in her soul and is pure fun and joy. Her coat is the softest texture and she is so very loving.

Clark Griswald

Sold ❤️

Griswald has everything I love about his mothers fierce face and his fathers heavy boning. He is an all around wonderful boy.


Has found her home ❤️

Porscha will turn 3 years old on May 30th. She has been the most wonderful mother and delivered some of the most stunning kittens. She is a diva at heart and likes to run the show. For this reason I would recommend her going to a home with agreeable pets or perhaps a home without other cats. While she does get along well with some she certainly has her opinions on others and expresses it with a swat here and there 😆 she is a smaller sized girl and absolutely loves to play fetch. She will fetch and retrieve her toy mice almost endlessly at times. She is a professional napper and is looking for someone with patience and unconditional love. Not ideal for homes with very young children as she doesn't enjoy being carried but would do well with children that would use toys to play with her.

If you have found a kitten you feel may be a good fit please call or text 256-493-1595

Thank you!


What might my kittens look like from Porscha?

Porschas females have ranged from 12-15lbs and her males from 14-23.

Prior kittens from Porscha and Brownies Father,

This is Sora she is also Porschas daughter with Ferrari, Brownie bears Father so her father is this litters Grandfather :)

This is Oscar he is from Porscha and Ferrari:

Pictures around a year and a half

This is Max he lives in Alabama

He is from Porscha and Ferrari also.

Ruby lives in Florida and is around a year and a half here

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