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Still Looking for a breeder?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I understand how stressful finding the right breeder can be! There are so many scams out there these days stealing pictures of other breeders cats and passing them off as their own. It is important to always do some research before sending money. I recommend joining some of the Facebook “blacklist catteries” groups and searching for the breeders name and cattery before ever sending money. This is one of the larger groups I’ve found online.

Tracy Caywood, breeder at Sassykoonz, has amazing information on her blog! From avoiding scams to tips on bringing your new Maine Coon home. In addition if you’re thinking of becoming a new breeder she truly has a wealth of information she shares in a very open and honest way that is difficult to find for beginning breeders. I only wish I could deliver information the way she does! When I found her blogs I felt like I finally found a person that understood where I was coming from and I usually soak up every word. Nothing like her straight honesty and kindness!

Here is a link to one of her blog posts about avoiding scams:

The boy that stole my heart
Karma’s Angels Axle

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing very knowledgeable breeders with beautiful amazing Maine Coon kittens! My beautiful black silver classic boy Axle came from Karma’s Angels Maine Coons. He is the boy that stole my heart and made me fall In love with this breed. Karmas Angel’s breeder has the biggest heart and loves her cats so much. Her love and dedication shows in all of her cats and many of her pet buyers are quick to let you know how amazing their Maine Coons from her are!

My Brown Patched Tabby or Brown Classic Torbie Queen Catalina came from Poland’s Amibial Cattery. They were so kind to work with me by sending me a bazillion photos and videos and even pictures with my name on a card with my kitten I wanted.

My Red Classic Tabby Boy came from Fioline Miau Paws Cattery in Hungary. These breeders are amazing. They put their whole hearts into their cattery and cats. They also put their whole hearts into building a relationship with their pet buyers. I consider them friends now and would recommend them 100% If you’re looking to import. In the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, area I have been lucky to meet and watch some amazing breeders at CFA and TICA cat shows. If you ever get the opportunity just to see some of their cats at a cat show you should go. They have spent years making healthy strong bodied lines that make or exceed the bar for breeding standards. Their cats are usually award winning and just magnificent. You can not walk by them without saying “WOW!” They are breeders that stood out to me and If I were searching for a pet would definitely want one of theirs!


Janet Watson

Phyllis Stiebens

West Virginia

Sylvia Felitsky with


Donna Ensor

Also Try these directories:

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Apr 10, 2023

Girl! You are doing AMAZING! I am so proud to have introduced you to Axle! Love Always, Shane (Karma's Angels)

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